​​​​​​Jori's Pet Sitting Inc.

For small animals:

  • Visits per day depending on the type of animal and his/her needs
  • Feedings, water
  • Playtime if needed
  • Enclosure cleaning
  • ​Administer medications if needed

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For dogs:

  • Most dogs require three visits per day. Each visit minimum half an hour.
  • Feedings, water
  • Morning, afternoon, and/or evenings walks
  • Playtime inside and/or outside
  • ​Administer medications if needed

$22 per visit 

For cats:

  • Most cats require a visit once per day. If needed, more visits can be requested.
  • Feedings, water
  • ​Playtime/attention
  • Litterbox cleaning
  • Administer medications if needed

$22 per visit

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Standard Visit

30 minutes   $22

Dog Walking

For all households:

  • ​Bring in mail/packages
  • Take trash/recycling bins out to curb and back in
  • Water houseplants - indoor and outdoor
  • Alternate turning lights on/off to make your house look lived in to deter home invasions


All included, no extra charge for house care 

  • Great service for midday exercise and playtime. Daily walks and socialization are very important parts of the physical and mental health of your dog!

  • Daily exercise can:

        - help your dog stay limber, which also prevents injuries

        - prevent unwanted behaviors such as excessive barking       
           and chewing 
        - prevent or eliminate boredom and anxiety from pent up    
           energy and lack of stimulation

  • Great for​:

        - Dogs who are left alone all day while you are away at work 
        - Dogs who are tired of being "neglected" with so many of    

           us working from home and no time to give the pups the 
           attention and exercise they deserve

​        - Puppies who need frequent potty breaks during house training​

The best care for your furry family

Pet Sitting

Zoomies Visit

15 - 20 minutes   $18

Note: Additional charge may be added for additional pets, special needs, and/or dependent on location.

Overnight and Live-In Care

Overnight Care: the sitter will sleep in your home for the comfort of your pet(s), and increased deterrent of home invasions. Guaranteed hours of care from 10pm to 6am.

Live-In Care: All the above from Overnight Care, plus extended hours of care throughout the day. The sitter will essentially live in your home, providing your pet(s) with extended company and care. Great for dogs with separation anxiety, high energy dogs, puppies, and highly social/people-oriented dogs. Your dog(s) will not be lonely or bored, and will feel safe and secure with a sitter caring for them throughout most of the day as well as overnight.

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Home Care for the above services:

We will always treat your home with respect, and will follow all specific instructions for home care and use (e.g. security system, mail/packages retrieval, house plants watered, trash/recycling bins to curb and back, lights on/off).

On the last day of Overnight or Live-In service, we will leave your home as clean or cleaner than when you left. Unless alternate requests are made, we will do the following:

  • start (and finish and fold, time allowed) a load of laundry with any used sheets, pillowcases, and towels
  • neatly fold any used blankets
  • remake the guest bed if time allows and fresh set of sheets are left out for such use
  • start load of dishes in dishwasher or wash all used dishes, dry, and put away
  • wipe down all kitchen and bathroom counters
  • sweep/vacuum/mop floors and rugs if necessary
  • take out the trash
  • conduct a thorough sweep of every room to ensure we have not left anything behind