Adventure Camp is great not only for active and social dogs, but for any who would enjoy excitement and variety in their routine. Almost all dogs would benefit from longer exercise sessions to keep in tip top shape!

Many dogs may experience boredom, are under stimulated, anxious from

a lack of an appropriate energy outlet, and develop destructive/unwanted behaviors due to lack of adequate physical and mental exercise and not keeping up with socialization.

Adventure Camp provides a healthy energy channel to let your dog explore the world and interact with other fur friends, all while under the skilled care of a human "Camp Counselor".

Give your furry friend the gift of adventure,

and boosted health and happiness!

Service includes: 

  • Pick-up and drop-off from your home and/or other location (groomer, family/friend’s house)
  • Two to three hours of active adventuring providing physical and mental exercise
  • A ratio of three or fewer dogs to one human Camp Counselor
  • Reinforcement of desirable behaviors (sit, wait, drop it, leave it, etc) and confidence building
  • Management of undesirable behavior (jumping up, leash reactivity and pulling, etc)
  • Meal and/or medication given if desired/needed
  • Your dog will be towel dried if needed and have his/her paws cleaned before returning home
  • Write up and plenty of photos of your dog's adventure
  • Stimulation, socialization, and fantastic fun for your dog!


All Camp Counselors carry valid driver's licenses and insurance. 

We transport dogs to and from Adventure locations safely, using specifically designed dog seat belts. You must provide a harness for

their transport safety - we will not attach the seat belt to their collar.

Camper's Safety

We maintain a strict ratio of three dogs to one human Camp Counselor.

We will never take on more dogs than we can safely handle. All dogs in our care receive highly individualized attention. All dogs will be securely attached to the Camp Counselor with the use of a dog leash waist belt.

Animal Temperament

It is essential that your dog is socialized to other dogs if you would like

him or her to adventure with us. Your dog doesn’t have to be smitten with every dog they meet, but aggression will not be tolerated. Dogs on a weekly schedule go out with the same group, and can become very good friends with their adventure buddies.

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The best care for your furry family

​​​​​​Jori's Pet Sitting Inc.

  • ​Falls Lake trail
  • Lake Johnson trail
  • Raleigh/Knightdale Greenway trails

Dog Adventure Camp!

Adventure Camp locations that may be visited include:

  • Shelley Lake trail
  • Pullen Park
  • Umstead State Park 
  • Dog-friendly stores such as Quail Ridge Bookstore, Home Goods, and Home Depot
  • Pelican’s SnoBalls for peanut butter pup cups (dog-edible snow cone)
  • Raleigh beach - small sandy “beach” on either side of the Neuse river with easy and safe access to the river for a nice refreshing dip in the water. (Dogs can be hosed off outside at client’s home before being brought inside if requested.)
  • Empty dog park with only the campers playing with each other, not with other dogs. If other dogs are approaching and wanting to enter the dog park, all campers will first be gathered up and will continue the adventure elsewhere.
  • Specialty pet stores such as Phydeaux, Pet Wants, and Pet People

All dog campers will either enjoy a doggie snow cone during the adventure,

or will come home with a specialty cookie/treat to enjoy after all the exercise.

Rate: $65 for one dog, send two dogs on an adventure

and the second pup is only $45