Hi, I'm Sabrina.  I have a passion for animals.  I grew up with dogs, rabbits, fish, a turtle, and birds.  For the first 25 years of adulthood, I did not have any pets because my job was in the way.  I don't believe in keeping dogs or cats caged up all day so I refused to have a pet until I could properly take care of them.  Now I'm retired and spend all day with my cats. 

I have three babies and about the get my fourth, and a Holland Lop Rabbit.  I currently pet sit for my neighbors and would love to hang out with your baby. 

Sabrina, Staff/Volunteer

Ceridwyn, Staff

Hi, my name is Kate! A life-long animal lover, I've always been drawn to animal caretaking, starting with a family of bunnies in fifth grade and then two wonderful shelter pups later in high school. After college, I became an expat for a decade, taking on work in the ESL/editing/translation sphere (with my miniature dachshund Shion along for the ride!) before returning to the NC area in 2019.

In college, I worked at several Raleigh/Durham area doggie day cares, veterinarian kennels, and overnight boarding facilities, taking care of pets of all shapes, sizes, and species. After spending years working from home exclusively, I realized I greatly missed getting to meet lots of wonderful animals and showing them the love and care they all deserve while their beloved families are away. I look forward to extending that love and care to your family as well!

Hello, I'm Jori. I started taking care of my neighbor's pets over

16 years ago, and it has always been so more than just a job.

I have a passion and love for animals, which is the basis for providing the utmost care for them. After all, they're family!

I had quite a number of pets growing up including hamsters, birds, ferrets, and a Shetland Sheepdog.


I graduated from Northern Illinois University with a degree in Biological Sciences, originally intending to pursue wildlife conservation. Life took a different path, and now I am happily providing pet care for families in the Raleigh area.

My dog Soleil is my constant companion, and amazes me daily with his intelligence, charm, and soul. He loves practicing his agility course, and thoroughly enjoys his time accompanying me on nearly all of my dog walking and pet sitting visits. 

Hi, I'm Soleil. I have worked here for over five years and I love my job! I provide exercise, socialization, and friendship to our canine clients on a regular basis. 

I help puppies learn good manners and play with them to get out their energy. I am also respectful of kitties and older puppers who prefer more relaxed company.

Always happy to expand my friend network - contact us today!

​​​​​​Jori's Pet Sitting Inc.

Kate, Staff

Jori Campagna, Owner/Operator

Sheena, Staff

Soleil, "Staff"

Hi, I'm Ceridwyn. I hold a lifelong passion and admiration for animals, and I cannot wait to meet yours!

I am an avid cat lover, having welcomed five into my family - one of which even loves to take daily walks with me! My family also includes salamanders, many aquariums, and my dog (a Labrador mix). I have cared for reptiles, amphibians, small mammals, cats, and dogs, including large breeds such as Irish Wolfhounds, a very stubborn Newfoundland/Great Pyrenees mix, and an extremely shy Greyhound. 

I have been an animal care volunteer at Carolina Tiger Rescue since 2017, and I volunteer with Marden's Ark, a small rescue for birds. I am currently working towards a Bachelors degree in Zoology, and training to become a wildlife rehabilitator.

Hi my name is Sheena!  I’ve been an animal lover since a very young age.  I went to college for Psychology with a concentration in animal behavior and training.  I also have been a veterinary technician for 12 years.  

I have a 2 dogs at home, a 4 year old black Lab and a 2 year old Australian Shepherd mix and also a 16 year old cat who rules the house.  I also have several ball pythons.

I started pet sitting about 15 years ago just for family friends before I started branching out and taking on more clients and also started doing dog walks.  I can’t wait to meet your furry family!

The best care for your furry family

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